Monday, August 27, 2012

Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

DELISH!!  I had to make a few modifications, and only because I couldn't find some of the exact ingredients on my own, but came out with a FANTASTIC result nontheless.  I had to use naturally smoked deli sliced ham from the grocery (so I missed out on the rosemary bit), couldn't find Comte cheese, so opted for a white, creamy Provolone cheese instead.  I also didn't have smoked sea salt, just regular sea salt.  But like I said, the ingredients I ended up with seemed to do the trick!  Me and my husband loved these!


- 5 slices of fra'mani rosemary ham
- 1/4 pound of shredded Comte cheese
- 2 pats vermont creamery cultured butter
- smoked sea salt
- Roberta's city white bread
- 2 tbs chopped fresh pineapple

Layer the ingredients as such: After buttering and lightly salting each slice of white bread, layer:

Bread, Cheese, 3-4 slices ham, thin layer of sliced pinneapple (just enough to get some sweetness in each bite), ANOTHER layer of cheese and bread.  Once placing it on your skillet, use your spatula to press down on your sandwich, just a tad to get all of those layers melting together and keeping all of those delicious flavors in.

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