Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kitchen Love

Hello all and welcome to Tasty Tidbits! This blog is for anyone and everyone! Whether you like/dislike to cook, have not had very much success in the kitchen, interested in cooking more, or for those of you who already love it, but just want some new ideas and recipes! The goal of this blog is to simply share fabulous recipes that are fun to change up and create a dish that is something that you will love! It is also Gluten-Free friendly, as with all of the recipes, I will share how they can all be converted to your gluten-free needs! In short, this site is here to encourage having fun in the kitchen and then comment on how it was! What did you like about the recipe? What did you dislike? What would you change? Requests for me to try out? Have a recipe to share? Please do! Please feel free to comment as you wish and share any thoughts or ideas you may have! All are welcome!

But most importantly- HAVE FUN!!


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