Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kalua Pig in a Slow Cooker

Talk about easy! And so delicious. I found this recipe on allrecipes.com and it really is just as it states. What an easy way to enjoy a traditional Hawaiian dish without having to dig a hole and cook a whole pig! I only buy 2.5-3 lb. roasts because there is just my husband and I- and it still makes quite a bit of meat. This dish is great for crowds and themed get-togethers! It comes out so moist and flavorful. I've made it with regular sea salt before, but the Hawaiian sea salt really does make a difference! The flavor is much more smooth and delightful. I always serve it with jasmine rice, a veggie, and pineapple on the side. Mm mm good!

1 (6 pound) pork butt roast (I have used pork shoulder as well)
1 1/2 tablespoons Hawaiian sea salt
1 tablespoon liquid smoke flavoring

1.Pierce pork all over with a carving fork. Rub salt then liquid smoke over meat. Place roast in a slow cooker.
2.Cover, and cook on Low for 16 to 20 hours, turning once during cooking time.
3.Remove meat from slow cooker, and shred, adding drippings as needed to moisten.

Enjoy with your favorite Hawaiian sides!

Gluten free: should be GF, just double check your liquid smoke!

Original recipe from allrecipes.com


  1. OMG I have only ever known one other person to make this recipe, and she gave it to me after living in Hawaii!

    It is SO easy and yummy! I have never pierced my roast but I do use the smoke and kosher salt... pull it all apart for sandwiches & serve with an assortment of bbq sauces... and guests LOVE it!

  2. That sounds interesting. I'm kind of tired of sickly sweet pulled pork recipes. This looks really good. Thanks for sharing.